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Are you searching for the right commercial property for your business or industry? You can get in touch with us for assistance in identifying the suitable commercial property to buy or let. We have a wide range of corporate offices, industrial premises and other commercial property suitable for different commercial activities including retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and showrooms.

Here are some of the types of businesses and premises we deal with:

  • Catering Businesses
  • Bakery Trade
  • Hotels
  • Pubs
  • Children's Day Nurseries
  • Pre Schools
  • Hairdressing / Beauty
  • General Retail
  • Vacant Shops
  • Commercial Premises
  • Development / Investment Properties
  • Care Homes

Current Commercial Properties







Hotels / Guest Houses / Restaurants / Fast Food Take-Away / Fish & Chip Shops

RESTAURANT (MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE) - CLOSE RIVER - READING, BERKS. Seat 60 (inc 16 alfresco). New lease. Tde £3,500/£4,000wk. Owner retiring. £45,000 s.a.v. PRICE NEGOTIABLE - OFFERS INVITED - REF: DT.4914

FULLY LICENSED RIVERSIDE RESTAURANT / BAR / FUNCTION VENUE (CAPACITY 300) - WEALTHY THAMES VALLEY - WEST OF LONDON. Modern premises with panoramic river frontage. £3m Freehold (or £250,000 on Lease) - REF: DT.5074

SMART MODERN CAFÉ / SNACKS - BUSY RIVERSIDE VILLAGE, FEW MILES, READING, BERKS. Lease. Seat 26. Well equipped, Tde £2,000wk. Easy hours.  £45,000 s.a.v.  - REF: DT.5076 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

SANDWICH BAR / SNACKS - BUSY ROAD, ALDERSHOT, HANTS. Lease. Well Fitted Premises. £2,500-£3,000wk. Easy Hours. Potential to re-establish Bakery. Owner retiring. £29,950 s.a.v. - REF: DT.5082 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

PRICE REDUCED - GOOD CLASS RESTAURANT - NEWBURY, BERKS. Smart Fitted. Seat 54. S/C Two Bed Flat. Well established. Takes £6,000wk. £340,000 Freehold (or £40,000 on Lease) - Offers Invited STC - REF: DT.5090

FRIED FISH / HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY - NEWBURY AREA. New Lease. Shop & S/C Flat. Staff run. £4,500wk. Scope working owner.  £450,000 Freehold  - REF: DT.5094 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

COFFEES / BAGUETTES / SALADS / LIGHT SNACKS - PROSPEROUS VILLAGE CENTRE - READING / MAIDENHEAD. Lease. Rent £9,400p.a. Smart Fitted (seat 25). Stated £2,300wk. Easy 6 days. £39,500  - REF: DT.5096

CAFE / SNACKS (SCOPE FISH & CHIPS) - MAIN ROAD - WOKINGHAM AREA, BERKS. Spacious Detached Premises. Seat 40. Well Fitted Kitchen. S/C High Standard 3 Bed Family Flat. £650,000 Freehold - REF: DT.5097  

QUICK GRILL / SNACKS / BAGUETTES - CLOSE TOWN CENTRE - READING, BERKS. Lease @ £21,000p.a. Spacious Premises (seat 32). Full Fitted Kitchen. Potential £10,000wk. £146,000 s.a.v. - REF: DT.5101

GOOD CLASS LICENSED RESTAURANT (70-80 COVERS) - RIVERSIDE VILLAGE NEAR READING, BERKS. Lease 9 years unexpired. Rent £47,500p.a. Current Takings £6,000wk. Good Potential. £28,500 s.a.v. - REF: DT.5102 - UNDER OFFER - SUBJECT T O CONTRACT

SMART LICENSED WINE BAR / COCKTAIL LOUNGE - PROSPEROUS SUBURNB OF READING, BERKS. Lease. Lock Up Premises. Seat 60+. £4,000wk. Staff run. £50,000 s.a.v. - REF: DT.5103

HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY - MAIN ROAD READING. Smart Fitted. Nice 2 Bed Flat. £3,500wk (evenings). £55,000 on lease (or £385,000 Freehold) - REF: DT.5104 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY (SPACE 52 SEAT RESTAURANT) - FIRST CLASS LOCATION WITH GOOD PARKING, MAIDENHEAD, BERKS. Good Lease @ £20,000p.a. Smart premises. S/C 2-3 Bed Maisonette. Staff run. £3,500-£4,000wk. £69,500 - REF: DT.5105  - UNDER OFFER - SUBJECT T O CONTRACT

HOT FOODS / FISH &  CHIPS - WEALTHY VILLAGE CENTRE - NEWBURY / BASINGSTOKE. Smart Fitted. Two Bed Flat. £4,500wk Staff run. £360,000 Freehold - REF: DT.5106

HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY - PROMINENT MAIN ROAD PARADE - READING, BERKS. Lease 17  years. Smart Shop. Fully Fittd Kitchen. 3 Bed Flat. Tde £3,000wk £55,000 - REF: DT.5107

GOOD CLASS RESTAURANT (60 COVERS) - PROMINENT PARADE - WELATHY SANDERSTEAD, SOUTH CROYDON. Lease 13 years. Superb quality fittings. Excellent potential for experienced Caterer to develop a fine business. £100,00 - REF: DT.5108

HOT FOOD CHICEN / PIZZA / BURGERS / KEBABS - MAIN ROAD, READING, BERKS.  Prominent site. Close University. Lease 12 years. Rent £23,100p.a. Smart fitted. Seat 25. S/C Flat. Takes £12,000wk. High Profit. £230,000 - REF: DT.5110

COFFEES / SNACKS / LIGHT MEALS (SEAT 64) - TOWN CENTRE - READING, BERKS. Well established business with good customer base. New Lease @ £35,000p.a.  Tde £4,500wk. Easy 6 days. Scope longer hours. Owner retiring. £150,000 - REF: DT.5111

HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY WITH SEPARATE HIGH CAPACITY OUTSIDE CATERING KITCHEN PLUS PARTY  / FUNCTION ROOM (1,120SQ.FT.) - MAIN ROAD, READING, BERKS. Very Smart premises. Tde £3,600wk but capable of more. 20 year lease. £49,500 (Offers Invited) - DT.5112

SMART CAFE / DINER / SNACKS (LICENSED) - CANARY WHARF AREA, EAST LONDON. Lease at £20,000p.a. Seat 40+. Tde £3,000wk (5 dyas - no evenings). Opportunity to expand. £79,950 - REF: DT.5113

FREE OF TIE PUBLIC HOUSE / RESTAURANT - RIVERSIDE LOCATION - READING, BERKS. Family Sized 3 Bed Flat. Trade GArden. New Lease @ £20,000p.a. Ingoing £15,000 (or Freehold £475,000) - REF: DT.5114 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

MODERN COFFEES / TEAS / SNACKS / TOASTIES. ETC. - CORPORATE LOCATION, READING, BERKS. Quality Fitted. Seat 36. £3,000wk. Staff run. £60,000 - REF: DT.5115

HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY - VERY BUSY LOCATION, SLOUGH, BERKS. Lease. Very Well Fitted Unit. £6,500wk. Six Days. £99,950 - REF: DT.5118

HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY - GROWING AREA, READING. Bold corner premises. Three Bed Flat. Lease 10 years. Tde £5,000wk. £150,000 - REF: DT.5119

FLAME GRILL BURGERS - TOWN CENTRE, NEWBURY, BERKS. Lease 10 years. Rent £12,000p.a. Well fitted. Takes £7,000wk. Good margins. £105,000 - REF: DT5120

CHINESE HOT FOOD TAKE-AWAY - BUSY MAIN ROAD, READING. Lease @ £14,400p.a. Spacius premises. Tde £2,500wk. Real scope Fish & Chips. Easy hours. Owner retiring. £45,000 - REF: DT.5121

COFFEES / SNACKS / CONTINENTAL BRASSERIE - RIVERSIDE VILLAGE NEAR READING. Lease. Attractive premises. Seat 44. Fully equipped. £4,000-£5,000wk. GP 75%. Easy hours. Mostly staff run. £75,000 - REF: DT.5122

SANDWICHES / BAGUETTES / BAKERY - COVENTRY, WEST MIDLANDS. Two Shops. Central Bakery. Tde £8,000wk. £130,000 s.a.v. (or individually £90,000 & £40,000) - REF:  DD.2126

BAGUETTES / FILLED ROLLS / PIES / SAVOURIES - BAKERS / CONFECTIONERS - LOVELY HAMPSHIRE COAST / NEW FOREST. Lease at £10,000p.a. Very Smart Shop. Well Equipped Bakery. Tde £5,000wk. Mostly staff run.  £150,000 - REF: DD.2130

VERY SMART SHOP UNIT - WHITLEY STREET, READING, BERKS. Fitted as Coffee Shop. New Lease @ £15,000p.a.  Rent Deposit Required - REF: DR.1468



BAKERS / CONFECTIONERS - SOUTH DEVON JURASSIC COAST - LYME REGIS / EXMOUTH. Smart Shop. Bakery. Four Bed Family Home. Gdn. Tde £3,000wk. GP 55-60%. Same owner 20 years.  £275,000 F’hold - REF: DD.2113

BAKERS / CONF / COFFEES - TORBAY, DEVON. Smart Fitted. Spacious Well Equipped Bakery. T/O circa £675,000p.a. (55% Retail including coffees / Snacks). Owner retiring.  £175,000 s.a.v. - REF: DD.2115

COFFEE SHOP / BAKERS / CONFECTIONER. - CENTRE HISTORIC MARKET TOWN, HEREFORDSHIRE. Very Spacious prems. Shop. Cafe. Bakery. Two Flats. Tde £7,500wk. Retirement Sale. £420,000 F'hold - REF: DD.2121

BAKERS / PATISSERIE / COFFEE SHOP - BUSY MAIN STREET - WEALTHY MIDDX / SURREY BORDER. Very Smart Bakery. £8,200wk. High profit.  £110,000s.a.v. - REF:  DD.2124

SANDWICHES / BAGUETTES / BAKERY - COVENTRY, WEST MIDLANDS. Two Shops. Central Bakery. Tde £8,000wk. £130,000 s.a.v. (or individually £90,000 & £40,000) - REF:  DD.2126

BAKERS / CONFECTIONERS / BAGUETTES / SNACKS - LUTON AREA, BEDS. Lease. Shop. Bakery. 3 Bed Flat. Tde £3,850wk. £45,000 - REF: DD.2127

BAKERS / CONFECTIONERS / BAGUETTES / PIES / SAVOURIES - BUSY NORTH LONDON DISTRICT CENTRE. Lease @ £20,000 per annum. Smart Shop. Spacious Bakery. Tde £3,000wk. Potential for new owners. £65,000 - REF: DD.2129

BAKERS / CONFECTIONERS / PIES / SAVOURIES / FILLED ROLLS / BAGUETTES - LOVELY HAMPSHIRE COAST / NEW FOREST. Lease at £10,000p.a. Very Smart Shop. Well Equipped Bakery. Tde £5,000wk. Mostly staff run.  £150,000 - REF: DD.2130



CHILDREN’S DAY NURSERY PREMISES (SPACE 50) - SOUTH MOLTON, DEVON.  Detached Single Storey Nursery Unit. Detached Five Bed Family Home. Closed Spring 2018 due to owner's ill health. £575,000 F’hold - REF: DN.1307

CHILDREN’S NURSERY PREMISES (Space circa 53) - BARNET, NORTH LONDON. Lease 12 years. Rent £26,000 per annum. Prominent location. Currently Closed. Great potential. £165,000 - REF: DN.1364 - UNDER OFFER

VERY SMART CHILDREN'S DAY NURSERY (CAPACITY 52) - BERKSHIRE. Detached Premises. Superbly Equipped. Lease. £270,000 - REF:  DN.1374



SPACIOUS HAIR & BEAUTY SALON WEST BERKS - FEW MILES NEWBURY.  Character Premises. Lease. Eleven working stations. Three back wash basins. On-site parking. Tde £2,750wk. £22,500 Stock at Valuation - REF: PT.4770

PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE - VERY SMART & WELL PRESENTED HAIR SALON - NEWBURY, WEST BERKS. Lease @ £19,000p.a. + VAT. T/O £60,000. 16 Styling positions. 4 Back wash basins. £22,000 Stock at Valuation - REF: PT.4782

HAIR & BEAUTY SMART SALON ON TWO LEVELS - MID KENT TOWN. Spacious premises. New Lease. £6,500wk. Old Established. £35,000 s.a.v. - REF: PT.4789

PRICE REDUCTION - VERY SMART HAIR & BEAUTY - BUSY LOCATION - ALDERSHOT AREA, HANTS. Lease. Parade. Well fitted throughout. Tde £2,500wk. Owner retiring. £24,950 Stock at Valuation - REF: PT.4807

VERY SMART GENTS HAIR SALON - MAIN ROAD - READING, BERKS. Lease. Well fitted. Staff run. Tde £1,400wk. £25,000 Stock at Valuation - REF: PT.4808


VACANT HAIR SALON - WEALTHY HIGH STREET - RUISLIP, MIDDX. Lease. Expensively fitted. Smart shop front. Would be ideal for Barber. £15,000 - REF: PT.4817

SMART HAIR SALON - EXPANDING RESIDENTIAL VILLAGE - CAMBERLEY AREA. Well Established Salon. Lease. On-site Parking.  Tde £3,000wk. Five Days. £25,000 Stock at Valuation - PT.4820 

BUSY GENTS HAIR (SCOPE DEVELOP LADIES) - NEWBURY, BERKS. Old Established. Same owner 40 years. Retirement Sale. £240,000 - REF: PT.4828 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

SPACIOUS SALON - TOWN CENTRE - SOUTH HERTS - M25 BELT AREA. New Lease. Smart Fitted (Seat 16). Owner retiring after 41 years. £4,500wk. Staff run. Considered potential for hands-on working owner. £34,995s.a.v. (Freehold available if required) - REF: PT.4830

GOOD CLASS HAIR SALON - TOWN CENTRE, BERKSHIRE. Quality Fitted (seat 15+ - air con). Good lease @ £24,000p.a. Staff run. Has been taking £5,250wk. £42,500 - REF: PT.4832

HAIR SALON - SOUTH READING, BERKS. Parade. Modern Premises. Two Bed Flat. £1,250wk. £15,000 - REF: PT.4833

HAIR SALON - PROSPEROUS SUBURB OF READING. Well sought area. Rent £8,500p.a. Tde £1,250wk 5 days. Retirement Sale. £20,000 - REF:  PT.4834

SUPERB SALON - EDGE OF COTSWOLDS. Rapidly growing area. Lease. Spacious Double Unit. Seat 16+. Takes £8,100wk. High profit. £120,000 - REF:  PT.4835

GOOD CLASS HAIR SALON - LEATHERHEAD AREA, SURREY. Wealthy area. Smartly Fitted Salon. Lease @ £10,500p.a. Tde £4,200wk. Easy Five days. £72,000 - REF: PT.4836




INDUSTRIAL CLEANING / HYGIENE / JANITORIAL SUPPLIES - LINCOLNSHIRE. Well Established. T/O £807,500 per annum. GP - 49.11%. Owner retiring. £275,000 plus Stock - REF: C.6755

HARDWARE / TOOLS / KEYCUTTING / NEWS / CONF / TOBACCO - MAIN ROAD - READING. New Lease. D/F Shop (c. 950sq.ft.). Tde £3,500wk. Same family 15/20 years. £15,000 s.a.v. - REF: C.6764

SNOOKER / POOL TABLES (HIRE / SALE / REFURBISH / RELOCATION) - BERKSHIRE BASED - COULD BE RELOCATED. Same owner 35 years, now retiring. T/O c. £45,000. Much potential to grow. £20,000 (includes abundance of stock) - REF: C.6781

FOODSTORE (SCOPE OFF LICENCE) - MAIN ROAD, READING. Double Unit Premises. Two Self Contained Flats above (let on AST's). Tde £5,500wk. Potential for new owner. £600,000 Freehold or £39,500 on Lease - REF: C.6807

VERY SMART RETAIL UNIT (WAS FOODSTORE) - CLOSE TOWN CENTRE, READING. New Shop Front (circa 500sq.ft.). 13 years lease @ £11,000 per annum. £30,000 - REF: C.6808

VERY SMART NEWSAGENTS / POST OFFICE - NICE PART - OUTSKIRTS READING, BERKS. Lease. Modern Parade Premises. Newly Fitted Shop. S/C 2 Bed FLat. Tde £4,500wk. Newsbill £2,000. P.O. pays £26,000 p.a. Owner retiring. £45,000 - REF: C.6813 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

VERY SMART RETAIL BUTCHERS - BRACKNELL, BERKS - NB. THIS UNIT WOULD BE SUITABLE FOR OTHER USES SUBJECT TO THE REQUIRED CONSENT. Local Authority Lease. T/O circa £150,000.  Scope to add wet fish. Old established. £30,000 - REF: C.6818

PRICE REDUCED - FULLY MOBILE STEAM CLEAN / VALET SERVICE FOR MOTOR CARS / VANS - BASED BERKSHIRE. Well organised business. Eye-catching logo. Potential for franchising into other areas. T/O circa £2,750 monthly. Owner run. Low overheads. £14,950 inc sign-written van, steam cleaner, etc. - REF: C.6819

HIGH CLASS DELI / COLD MEATS / CHEESES / HOME BAKES / FRESH PRODUCE / WINES & BEERS -  WEALTHY THAMES VALLEY - FEW MILES FROM READING.  Lease @ £15,000 p.a. Very Well Fitted Shop with Parking. Tde £9,250wk. GP 46.68%. Easy 5 days. Award Winning Shop. £120,000 - REF: C.6822 - UNDER OFFER - SUBJECT TO CONTRACT

WELL ESTABLISHED MINI COACH HIRE BUSINESS - THAMES VALEY, BERKSHIRE. New Lease. Secure Yard. Detached Workshop. Office. 14 Vehicles. T/O £470,000. £285,000 - REF: C.6824 

SMART FLORISTS - BRACKNELL / WOKINGHAM AREA, BERKS. Well established in local village shopping centre. Lease. Takes £2,000wk. Owner retiring. £40,000 - REF: C.6825

MOBILE PHONE SALES / ACCESSORIES / CONTRACTS -  MAIN ROAD, REDAING. New Lease. Parade Premises. T/O £97,000. Owner retiring. £10,000 plus Stock - REF: C.6826

GOLF MAGAZINE - SOUTHERN COUNTIES. Old Established Pubblication. Owner retiring. Stated 10,000 circulation. Price £75,000 includes valuable collection of Golf memorabilia - REF: C.6827

SANDWICHES / BAGUETTES / BAKERY - COVENTRY, WEST MIDLANDS. Two Shops. Central Bakery. Tde £8,000wk. £150,000 s.a.v. (or individually £110,000 & £50,000) - REF:  DD.2126



SHOP UNIT - SOUTH READING. Circa 700sq.ft. Well populated area. New Lease @ £13,000 per annum. Forecourt parking.  Rent Deposit Required - REF: DR.1435

FREEHOLD COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT - NEWBURY, BERKS. Shop & Flat. Let on Lease at £20,000p.a.  Yard at rear with two parking spaces. Development Potential (STPP). £295,000 Freehold - REF:  DR.1441

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INVESTMENT - WOKING, SURREY. Spacious Restaurant Premises let on Lease @ £30,000 per annum. £420,000 Freehold - REF: DR.1444

FREEHOLD INVESTMENT PROPERTY - READING, BERKS. Spacious Shop with Self Contained Flat. Gross Rental Income £24,300 per annum. £390,000 - REF: DR.1446

FREEHOLD INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - READING, BERKS. Shop & Self Contained Maisonette. Gross Rental Income £21,300 per annum. £295,000 - REF:  DR.1449

SHOP TO LET - BASINGSTOKE, READING. Circa 823sq.ft. inc Stores. £10,000 per annum. Rent Deposit Required. REF: DR.1452

COMMERCIAL UNIT - WOODLEY, READING. Circa 888sq.ft. Parking 4+ cars. New Lease @ £9,000 per annum. Rent Deposit Required. REF: DR.1453 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

PROMINENT CORNER UNIT - WHITLEY STREET, READING. Circa 700sq.ft. A1/A2 Use. New Lease @ £16,000. Rent Deposit Required - REF: DR.1455


COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY - OXFORD ROAD, READING. Shop & Flat. Let on 15 years lease @ £19,000p.a. £340,000 Freehold - REF: DR.1457

RETAIL UNIT - 82 OXFORD ROAD, READING. Approx. 622sq.ft. Lease @ £14,000. Ingoing Premium £5,000 - REF:  DR.1458 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

SHOP UNIT (RETAIL / CATERING / POSSIBLY OFFICE) - CAVERSHAM PARK VILLAGE, READING. Circa 600sq.ft. New 10 Year Lease @ £10,000p.a. Rent Deposit Required - REF: DR.1460- UNDER OFFER (STC)

VALUABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENT PROPERTY - OXFORD ROAD, READING. Gross Income (potential and actual) £47,370 per annum. £795,000 Freehold - REF: DR.1461

FREEHOLD SHOP UNIT WITH SELF-CONTAINED THREE BED FLAT - TILEHURST, REDING, BERKS. Investment potential or owner occupation. £450,000 - REF: DR.1462


SMART WAREHOUSE WITH OFFICE CONTENT & PARKING - LOVEROCK ROAD, READING, BERKS. Modern Unit. Ground Floor approx 1,273sq.ft. Mezzanine approx 1,273sq.ft. Forecourt Apron for deliveries. Four car spaces. Rent Deposit Required - DR.1465 - UNDER OFFER (STC)

FREEHOLD INVESTMENT - SHOP PLUS S/C THREE BED FLAT - WOODLEY, READING. Lease at £16,000p.a. (3 year reviews). £350,000 - REF: DR.1466

COMMERCIAL UNIT (SUIT OFFICE / RETAIL) - CLOSE TOWN CENTRE, READING. Circa 900sq.ft. - 83.6m2. £200,000 Freehold or £1,200 p.c.m. on Lease - REF: DR.1467

VERY SMART SHOP UNIT - WHITLEY STREET, READING, BERKS. Fitted as Coffee Shop. New Lease @ £15,000p.a.  Rent Deposit Required - REF: DR.1468

SHOP TO LET - NORCOT ROAD, TILEHURST, READING. Circa 560sq.ft. New Lease at £15,000p.a.  Rent Deposit Required - REF: DR.1469 

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