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Crossrail Is Coming To Reading.

Crossrail Is Coming To Reading

This new rail line is coming to the Reading area, extending the new Elizabeth line.

This will bring a range of benefits, such as improved services. Let’s take a closer look at how this rail line will work and some of the benefits that it can provide to people living in the Reading area.

What Will Be Upgraded?

Currently, this rail line is still being constructed. However, details are becoming clearer about how the line will work once it has been built. First, we know how frequently services will operate. There will be four services an hour during peak times. In the off-peak hours, this will drop to two trains an hour. This will ensure that everyone can get to their destination on time.

In addition, there will be new pay-as-you-go machines that will be installed. This will make using the service more affordable and ensure that it will become easy for everyone to use. As you enter the train, you will need to scan a card. When you leave you will need to scan your card again. This will ensure that you only need to pay for the trips that you take.

This new system of contactless cards will replace the old Oyster cards. With over 60 percent of people already using contactless cards to pay for their rail journeys, this is fast becoming the future of transport.

In addition, the Oyster system is around 15 years old. This means that there would be significant costs and difficulties when upgrading it to a more modern rail line. There will also be changes to the pricing system. People of 60 will qualify for a Senior Railcard, which will reduce their travel costs. Also, people who qualify for a Freedom Pass will be able to travel for free.

What Are Some of The Benefits?

As we discussed, there will be significant resources invested in creating this new rail line. The new line is also expected to provide multiple benefits to the people living in the Reading area. First, it will make the commute to work faster and more comfortable. In some areas, the Greater Western inner suburb route will be replaced. This will help reduce your travel time.

New estimates reveal some of the times that you can expect when you use this service. When you use the Crossrail, you can be in Bond Street in just 44 minutes. You can get to Liverpool Street in 61 minutes. Also, you can get access to the Canary Wharf station in 64 minutes. These reduced travel times will make the prospect of using rail more appealing, creating an effective way for you to save time and money.

Another benefit will be on property prices in the area. Because of the increased travel options, houses close to the railway track are expected to become more valuable. This is a great way to beat the current low growth that the housing market is experiencing. Currently, houses close to the track are valued at around £312,000. This is an increase in value of around 47 percent. This value is expected to rise as the rail line becomes operational. In fact, some estimates have house value increasing as much as 75 percent for houses that are within half a mile of the Crossrail station.

Finally, businesses in the vicinity of the station will be able to benefit. This ensures that employees will always have a reliable way to get to work. Businesses might also be able to use this network to make themselves more attractive to customers. If they are close enough to the station, they might be able to attract attention from potential customers as they walk to the station on their daily commute. This can be a great way to increase sales and brand exposure.

When Will the Rail Line Be Open?

As we discussed, there are multiple benefits that this new rail line will offer to people in the area. Thankfully, there isn’t long to wait until you can use this service. Final touches are being made to the network and the trains to make sure that everything functions correctly.

It’s expected that the public will be able to use the service from the 15th of December, 2019. During this time, the standard ticketing fees and systems will be in place. However, the contactless cards will be introduced in January 2020. These will be phased in over time, with the Iver, Langley, and Taplow stations getting the system in March 2020.

To make sure that this track stays in excellent condition, there will be some minor engineering work occurring during the Christmas holiday period. For this reason, the track won’t be opened on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

A new rail service has made people in the Reading area very excited. Now, there will be greater access to a reliable form of transportation. We looked at how the Crossrail system will work and some of the benefits that it can provide to people and businesses in the Reading area. We also examined how this rail line will work logistically. So, start planning for the new Crossrail line today.

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